Most ideally located at the juncture of Adyala Road and Rawalpindi Ring Road, RUDN Enclave offers an unmatched lifestyle living in a serene, secure, and most modern gated community where world-class amenities are being ensured through the benchmark planners-NESPAK and collaboration of developers of international repute. Originally conceived by the landmark developers, RMRSCO (Pvt.) Ltd, we intend to make RUDN Enclave an ultimate choice for contemporary living. The natural beauty of the terraced landscape is augmented by shining waters from Khasala Dam which renders our location an ultimate destination for families and tourists alike.


Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Developers and Owners

RMRSCO (Pvt) Ltd. and UDPL are working together to create “Rudn Enclave”. According to the society CEO, Rahim U Din Naeem, the company’s only objective is to deliver the finest experience of life to the inhabitants. UDPL, a renowned development business, has also joined forces as the additional developers of this society, according to a recent conference. RMRSCO and UDPL’s collaborative development partnership will be a major step forward in the housing scheme’s rapid growth. It offers top-of-the-line services from major planners such as NESPAK and RMRSCO (Pvt.) Ltd. The onboarding of top-line developers of Pakistan is evidence of the guaranteed success and superiority of Rudn Enclave as a complete real estate solution.


RMRSCO (Private) Limited is an organization of accomplished engineers, project managers, technical professionals, and highly professional management. That endeavor to take on the most distinguished civil engineering and construction projects in Pakistan. The company is fully equipped with all the core competencies and able to challenge any dynamic project from groundbreaking to completion in an effective manner.


NesPak is the main design consultant of RUDN Enclave. It is a prestigious Government institute. It is one of the top engineering consultancy organizations in Asia and Africa. It came into being in 1973. It aims to gather a pool of engineers in a single place. Currently, NESPAK has a total strength of over 5100 employees. The Total speculated turnover for the year 2016-2017 is Rs. 8.8 Billion with the total cumulative cost of the projects undertaken by NESPAK being US $ 288 Billion.


Developer’s Team



Management of RUDN Enclave proudly associates a landmark developer’s team comprising Urban planning and Design Limited (UPDL). Their subsidiaries Alhaq Builders, and the horticulture fame New Leafs as the master developers manage and implement all aspects of Project management, Development works, and Horticulture. Affordability, Timeliness, and par excellence are the defining contours of this professional team.

Chairman’s Message

We, the team at RUDN ENCLAVE aim at turning the vision of Modern Pakistan into reality. Project planning, supervision, and long-run sustenance of the project are key parameters for our professional team. To realize our vision, we have engaged NESPAK, the top consultant group in Pakistan for planning and designing the project for unmatched quality and lifestyle.
We believe in collective wisdom and teamwork; therefore, we combine and synergize our energies and professionalism to deliver this high-class project.
Alhamdulillah, we proudly announce that RMRSCO is ISO certified firm and we are determined to convert this professional, qualitative, transparent, and international standards certification into the shape of a RUDN Enclave.

Residential Plots

Commercial Plots

Farm Houses

High Rise

Business Centers

Entertainment Zone


Rudn Enclave Adyala Road Master Plan

The master plan for Rudn Enclave has been prepared in such a way that it would accelerate expansion and boost the price of residential and commercial plots for sale in this amazing community. It is not a small housing society, and the owner guarantees that 14,000 Kanal of premium land will be developed. It’s also been suggested that more land is being bought in order to boost the worth of plots for sale in Rudn Enclave. The building process is well begun. The development status of this project will help investors and purchasers by enhancing the value of their houses.

The management has agreed to a two-year consulting agreement with development pioneers NESPAK. Based on its expertise in creating popular residential and commercial projects of different sorts throughout Pakistan, NESPAK has offered to provide all essential consultancy services to this society. If we talk about Rudn Enclave total area, then at this stage, this is vague, as the management keeps adding properties to their area due to high demand.



Rudn Enclave NOC Status

The majority of people are perplexed as to whether Rudn Enclave Adyala Road Rawalpindi has failed to receive an official NOC. The solution is straightforward, but it is misinterpreted by investors. Obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a difficult undertaking. It entails a slew of formal processes, paperwork, and approvals from a variety of departments. WASA, Climate, Energy, Gas, and so forth. As a result, the NOC clearance procedure takes longer. Because Rudn in the heart of Rawalpindi is a new residential development, it will take some time for the Rawalpindi Development Authority to approve the Rudn Enclave NOC (RDA).

If you want to invest in this society, then you should know that the real estate projects do not fully rely on their NOC. Its NOC, although it is a crucial step, it does not dictate the success of the amazing project.  


We Have The Best Location

Project Location Nestled between two exquisite water bodies, Khasala dam in the North-East and Jawa dam in the South-West, stretching along the most vital communication artery Adyala road, and extending further North towards Chakri road, RUDN Enclave is located at an ideal futuristic location. Distances from major hubs of the city are as follows:


  • Rawalpindi Saddar to RUDN Enclave via Adyala road: Approx 20 Minutes’ drive
  • Dhamyal air base to RUDN Enclave via Dhamyal road: Approx 15 Minutes’ drive
  • Bahria Phase 8 via Gorakhpur-Adyala Road: Approx 10 Minutes’ drive
  • M2 via Chakri interchange, Chakri road: Approx 20 Minutes’ drive
  • Rawat via Chakbeli road: Approx 35 Minutes’ drive
  • M2 via Chakri interchange, Adyala road: Approx 25 Minutes’ drive


The proposed Rawalpindi ring road project passes through RUDN Enclave, connecting the commuters to the motorway, G.T Road, Rawalpindi city, and Islamabad alike in the future.

The Project Location locality is a hub for all civic facilities like Gas, Electricity, Optic fiber, Water sources, Health services, education, Transportation, and utilities that make an area livable even today.

The addition of Project Location Rawalpindi ring road will be another landmark development in the area which will surely enhance the value and connectivity of RUDN Enclave.



RUDN enclave has a promising future due to the Rawalpindi ring road, M2, and Islamabad international airport distances will considerably reduce thereby providing speedy and uninterrupted traffic flow to the twin cities as follows:


  • RUDN enclave to M2 via proposed Ring Road: 10 Minutes’ drive
  • Rawat to RUDN enclave via proposed Ring Road: 15 Minutes’ drive
  • RUDN enclave to Islamabad International airport: 15 Minutes’ drive


Safe and Secured location

As an investor, a client, or a customer, your primary and basic concern would be security and safety within the boundaries of the community.

As we guarantee it to be among the best-gated community, we ensure a 24/7 surveillance system and CCTV security cameras, as there are zero compromises on the residents.

Here at RUDN Enclave, you will find security staff around the clock, ensuring your safety and security. Besides, it is present in the surroundings of the Jarrar Camp, which has a strict security system and daily patrolling activities.

For further enhanced security, the other factor which increases the security of this society is that it is near Adyala jail, the main prison jail, due to which the security of this area is very strict.


What Makes Us Different..!

RUDN Enclave’s Layout

The layout covers major blocks and future plans as under:

General block including A, C, G, and H Blocks

Executive block

Farm Houses Block: D

Upcoming highlights to include Overseas Block.


Overseas Block

Rudn Enclave’s Overseas Block is designed exclusively for global citizens seeking a fusion of luxury and convenience. In this unique community, we redefine the essence of international living to cater to the diverse needs of our residents.

The meticulous planning and thoughtful design that define the Overseas Block, embody the essence of sophisticated living. Every detail is carefully considered to meet the highest international standards, ensuring a world-class experience for those who choose to call Overseas Block their home.

Prioritising simplicity in serving our overseas clients, our process, from the initial inquiry to plot ownership is seamless, transparent, and tailored for a rewarding experience. Step into a world where your expectations are not just met but exceeded, making the Overseas Block a distinctive and desirable destination for global citizens.


Overseas Client Requirements

In Rudn Enclave’s Overseas Block, we recognize the unique needs of our global clients. Our commitment to simplicity ensures a personalised, transparent process, making the journey from initial inquiry to plot ownership seamless and satisfying. We take pride in understanding and exceeding the diverse needs of our global clientele.

  • Smart Home Design
  • Beautiful Scene Around
  • Exceptional Lifestyle
  • Complete 24/7 Security

Master Community

The Overseas Block is not just a residential space, it’s a master community. With educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities, we foster an environment that nurtures learning, growth, and international collaboration.


Overseas Block Location:

Strategically positioned, the Overseas Block boasts unique dual access points—connecting seamlessly to both Adyala Road and Chakri Road, ensuring residents unparalleled connectivity. You can also enjoy direct access to the picturesque Jawa Dam and the added convenience of two interchanges, Adyala and Chakri, providing swift and direct routes. Adding to its strategic location, the Overseas Block sits at “0 km” from the Rawalpindi Ring Road, creating a central and easily accessible hub for all residents.

Dual Access Points:
Imagine living in a place where you have not one but two ways to get in and out easily. That’s what the Overseas Block offers with its dual access points, connecting smoothly to both Adyala Road and Chakri Road. It’s like having your own hassle-free express lanes for a quick and easy commute!

Scenic Jawa Dam Access:
Picture waking up to the stunning view of Jawa Dam every day. Living in the Overseas Block gives you direct access to this beautiful spot, adding a touch of nature to your daily life. It’s like having a peaceful retreat right at your doorstep.

Convenient Interchanges:
Need to get somewhere fast? No worries! The Overseas Block comes with not one but two interchanges, Adyala and Chakri, designed for easy and quick travel. It’s like having your own express ramps, making your daily trips a breeze.

Central Location:
Living in the Overseas Block means being at the heart of it all. Positioned right at “0 km” from the Rawalpindi Ring Road, it’s like having a central meeting point for everything. Getting to essential places, entertainment spots, and important destinations becomes super easy, making life in the Overseas Block convenient and connected.


Overseas Block Launched With Map, Plots#, And Early Balloted And Early Possessions Plots.

100% MAP

100% Land Cleared

Clients can take their plots with Early possessions


Overseas Block Amenities

Safari Park (1500 Kanals):
Step into a sprawling 1500 Kanals of greenery with our Safari Park. This expansive natural haven invites you to explore, relax, and create memorable moments. Picture yourself surrounded by nature’s beauty, just a few steps from your home.

Organic Farms:
You can experience the charm of sustainable living with our Organic Farms. These thoughtfully designed plots not only enhance your surroundings but also offer a source of fresh, organic produce. It’s a green initiative that brings health and nature closer to you.

Take your walks to new heights on Pakistan’s first Skywalk. It’s not just a random walk, it’s a cool experience that adds something extra to your routine. Enjoy the view as you walk above the ground, making every stroll more interesting.

Make your days exciting with our ZipLine. Glide through the air, turning everyday moments into exciting memories. Experience a daily adventure, adding a dash of thrill to your routine.

Artificial Beach: Relax at our Artificial Beach, a cool hangout in your neighbourhood. It’s not your usual sand and water spot; it’s a great place to unwind. Picture yourself enjoying some downtime in this laid-back setting, bringing a vacation vibe to your doorstep.

Jogging Parks:
Stay active in our beautifully landscaped Jogging Parks. These meticulously designed spaces aren’t just for running; they provide a refreshing environment for your daily exercise routine. It’s a place where health and nature come together seamlessly.

Solar Park:
Go green with our Solar Park. This cool spot taps into renewable energy, helping make our community more eco-friendly. Our solar park is a way to be part of a neighbourhood that’s committed to a cleaner and energy-efficient future.

Coffee Shop:
Relax at our cosy Coffee Shop, a comfy corner in your neighbourhood. It’s a perfect place to chill and have friendly chats with neighbours or a peaceful break from your day. Picture yourself enjoying your favourite café experience right around the corner.

Fast-Paced Development:
Be part of the community’s growth with our fast-paced development. Witness your neighborhood evolve and get better. Stay connected to the progress, ensuring you’re part of an active and dynamic community.

Themed Sectors (Golf, Dubai, Paris, New York):
Select your lifestyle in our themed sectors. Every sector is a unique place tailored to your taste. Live in an environment that fits your style, providing a special and personalized experience.



Composed of A, C, G, and H blocks, the general block presents a mix of residential and commercial plots including dedicated spaces for recreation, health, schooling, religious and social gatherings, sports & entertainment, tourism, shopping, and allied amenities.

Few but not all to include

  • The Malls
  • Five-star hotel
  • Brand outlets
  • Supermarkets
  • Grand masjid
  • Indoor and outdoor sports
  • Gyms
  • Parks
  • Water sports
  • Offices
  • Corporate spaces
  • Food courts
  • and skywalk, etc.

All these will be available inside a safe and secure gated community with round-the-clock maintenance and security infrastructures.

To cater to families with varied income levels, different plot sizes are offered.

  • 5710 Marla and 1 Kanal Residential plots are available in the general block.
  • 48 Marla , and 1 Kanal Commercial plots are available.


Executive Block  

The term Executive is referred to the concept of luxury and elite living.

NESPAK has designed and named this Block a “MODEL BLOCK”. A separate entrance is given to this block with a main boulevard which is 200 feet wide and the streets of this block are 40-60 feet wide.

The block has attractions of maximum green areas, parks, and play lands besides having the biggest monument in Pakistan, a Sports Stadium, an International Hospital, a Grand Jamia Mosque, Mega Shopping Malls, a Country Club, an Education Zone, and a Smart Security System.

To cater to families with varied income levels, different plot sizes are offered.
7, 10, 14 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal are Residential plots available in the Executive Block.
4 and 8 Marla Commercial plots in the Executive Block.


Among the whole society, the Executive Block of RUDN Enclave is a block to behold. This block is designed to fulfill the international standards of the buyers.

It offers you a proper health complex, educational institutions which par with the foreign schooling systems, a peaceful environment, and most important of all advanced security system.

Why Choose Executive Block?

It is indeed a very reasonable question, Why Choose our Executive Block? The answer to this is that we offer you all the amazing facilities of RUDN Enclave in a division of both residential and commercial plots.

You can easily choose between both of the areas of the plots and what size you want. This is indeed a very suitable option for investors and end users for their hard-earned money.


The RUDN Enclave is situated in the most advantageous area of the Ring Road, which connects it to numerous locations and provides easy mobility for people moving for business expansion.

Second, the commercial investment in the RUDN Enclave H block guarantees business opportunities such as rental income and an ideal business environment.


RUDN Enclave offers 4 and 8 Marla Commercial Properties at the moment. However, you can even get customized property as per the requirement of your business.

RUDN Enclave Farmhouses 

 Planning a day hanging out with the family? Imagine an afternoon spent in a farmhouse nestled between views of rolling hills and lush forests. You would love a farmhouse with an interior that offers serene beauty and peace. While the exterior is so enchanting it might captivate you, the RUDN Enclave community has much to offer.

Farmhouses are the epitome of country living such that the time spent there won’t have a dull moment. You can rejoice and have fun all along through different activities. Here at RUDN Enclave, a day spent at the farmhouse will always be a memory you can cherish.

Where are the farmhouses located?

Along with the rapid development of the RUDN Enclave, the farmhouses are planned to be constructed in the two most prominent blocks. You can opt for 4 Kanal or 8 Kanal plots for farmhouses in the D and E Blocks.

This gated community is envisioned to be the center of various activities in the future. Not only boosting the economy but also serving as a host to startups.

As the Rawalpindi Ring Road is completed, the eight economic zones in the periphery of the community will be a rewarding opportunity for investors.





















Why RUDN Enclave?

We offer a premium location to build your farmhouse and experience an exquisite standard of living. While the interior can be planned as per your choice, the most exciting aspect is the dams.

You will find the area between Khasala Dam in the North-East and Jawa Dam in South- West. Both these dams are enveloped beautifully in luxuriantly green hills. This is going to leave you surprisingly fresh and cheerful.

Moreover, the RUDN Enclave is working on uncompromised security, providing you with a secure environment as we guarantee to be a world-class gated community.

Our prime location is at a zero-kilometer distance from the ring road. Moreover, it is easily accessible from Rawalpindi’s main areas, including Saddar, Bahria Town, and Chakri Interchange.




How location add advantages for investment in rudn enclave?

A.It is located on Main Adyala Road Opposite to Bahria Phase 8 extension, In between two beautiful Dams and 0’km from Ring road. The advantages of RUDN are that it has the Rawalpindi Ring road Interchange on its doorstep. It is planned beautifully by NESPAK. Its ROI is 100% profit. It has all the basic amenities like electricity, gas, and water that are naturally available at the site.


Tell me about detailed process to payment, installment and verification?

  2. Through RUDN Enclave Deposit Slip:

Fill in the details and deposit at the nearest branch of UBL, anywhere in Pakistan.


Deposit slips are provided at the time of the Plot’s booking
Can be collected by visiting Authorized Master Dealers or RUDN Head office.

  1. Through Online Banking:

Select the UBL bank option under the fund’s option and proceed as under: –
Bank Name: UBL, Account Title: RUDN Enclave, Branch Code: 1136,
IBAN # PK53 UNIL 0109 0002 5732 6188.


Deposit slips are provided at the time of plot booking with RUDN Enclave, however
additional receipts can be collected from Authorized Master Dealers of RUDN Enclave
or RUDN Head Office

Note: To update your ledger please share proof of deposit through
WhatsApp on the following Numbers:-

0301-1105506 & 0301-1105543 UAN 24/7: 0304-1118888


Bank Name UBL, Account Title: RUDN Enclave,
IBAN # PK53 UNIL 0109 0002 5732 6188
Swift Code: UNIPKKA UBL, Chaklala Scheme 3 Rawalpindi Pakistan


Deposit slips are provided at the time of plot booking with RUDN Enclave, however
additional receipts can be collected from Authorized Master Dealers of RUDN Enclave
or RUDN Head Office

Note: To update your ledger please share proof of deposit through


What about Possession?

Developers offering possession in four years as spelled in the payment plan.


How much land is owned by Company?

A total of 18000 Kanal is owned/acquired by Company.


Is this right time to invest in Rudn enclave?

Generally, we can say that in any project best investment time is root/gross level. This is the best time for investment. Because after NOC/Launching of Project Management is getting on rate revision soon.


What are the development charges?

Our developing cost will be clearly quoted in the affidavit. Currently, it is 1 lac per Marla commercial & 50,000 per Marla Residential 25000 per Kanal farm.